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Textile grease


Textile machines and their components are subject to high stress.
Constantly changing and often high loads, vibrations and varying
operating conditions require tough equipment. External factors
such as humidity and extreme temperature variations also play a
role. Maintenance is an arduous task and is therefore carried out
only at long intervals in many cases.
Selecting the right lubricant is therefore paramount – for the
initial lubrication of a component as well as for relubrication
during operation. After all, it is the lubricant that is responsible
for ensuring the reliable operation of each machine element. The
lubricants used are expected to offer reliable performance over
a long service life and a wide temperature range as well as good
resistance to loads. For the operators, these characteristics
mean long relubrication intervals for greases and long lubricant
life for oils.
As an expert for speciality lubricants, Klüber Lubrication
cooperates closely with the original equipment manufacturers
of major textile machine components to push the limits of what
can be technically achieved even further: longer service intervals,
longer component life and more reliable operation.

We pride ourselves in offering a comprehensive range of Isoflex NBU 15. The offered grease is known for its perfect chemical composition. This grease finds its wide application in automobile industry. The offered grease is used for lubricating the machine for frictionless operations


ISOFLEX NBU 15 is a high-speed spindle bearing grease with a good pressure absorption capacity.
ISOFLEX NBU 15 is primarily used for spindle bearings and high-speed plain bearings, e.g. in machine tools and textile machines.


We are selling KLUBER ISOFLEX NBU 15 Special German Made Spindle Bearing Grease highly recommended Grease for Spindle Bearings.
ISOFLEX NBU 15 is a High Speed Grease with a Good pressure absorptionCapacity.